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Business Owner Friends….. I recently launched a service that could add as much as 30% to your bottom line by making one simple (and automated) switch. It doesn’t cost you anything. All I ask for is a testimonial if you decide to try it. If you want in, give me a call


○ INCREASED CUSTOMER LOYALTY: Vip marketing helps you increase customer loyalty because you’re able to personalize your messages and engage your customers, so they will always feel appreciated and special. Engage and build loyal customers by making them feel engaged and appreciated.

○ COST EFFECTIVE: SMS and email are among the most cost-effective forms of marketing allowing you to quickly reach your customers.

○ GUARANTEED VISIBILITY: Ensure your marketing messages will always be seen and not ignored. The average open rate is 95% within 3-5 minutes of receiving the message.

○ GREAT ROI: For every £1 spent on Mobile marketing returns an average R.O.I of £17-£43

INSTANT COMMUNICATION: Quickly communicate marketing messages with your customers, without the need to wait for print advertisement.

DRIVE MORE REVENUE: Access to customers allows you to upsell, cross-sell, and resell to your existing customers, so you can easily increase revenue.

Video Content Agency Nottingham
Video Marketing Agency Nottingham

INCREASE BUSINESS ON SLOW TIMES: Drive-in customers on your slowest days of the week, so you have more consistent revenue growth.

EFFECTIVE MARKETING: Send your customers timely promotions proven to get an immediate response. We reach them via email and text messaging combined! The text message has over a 98% open rate within three minutes of receipt. This means your promotions are guaranteed to get seen!

○ IMMEDIATE: No need to wait for print. Announce upcoming events, new hours, specials, or menu changes instantly.

GUARANTEED SALES INCREASE: It costs five to seven times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one… We ensure your regulars come in more often, so you can increase sales!

CELEBRATION MARKETING: Give your customers a reason to celebrate their special occasions at your restaurant, not elsewhere! We build special birthday and anniversary clubs for your restaurant, so you can boost revenue.

HANDS OFF: We provide an effortless way to help you get more business. Our system is easy to add inside your restaurant, and it requires NO additional work on your part.

INSTANT: Ability to instantly get messages out to customers (announcements/specials) so you can drive in business fast.

REPEAT CUSTOMERS: Ability to increase revenue by marketing to existing customers via text message and email.

INCREASE REVENUE VIA CELEBRATIONS: Ability to market to customers on birthdays and anniversaries, so they can spend more money in your business.

BUSINESS CONTROL: Ability to gain more control over when customers show in your business, so you can predictably increase profits.

TRACKABLE ROI: Quantifiable effective marketing. You’ll be able to know exactly how many people your business is reaching, and the effectiveness of your marketing immediately

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