Is Video Marketing Right For Your Small Business?

Why Your Small Business Needs Video

Video: it’s the newest marketing frontier! Now that nearly everyone has a video camera in their pocket, more and more businesses are turning to video marketing to support their more traditional marketing budgets. Take a look at these three video trends that can give your business (and your clients’ businesses!) a boost this autumn.

3 Video Trends Your Business Needs to Adopt This Autumn

Trend #1: Going Live

Live videos, particularly Q&As (Question and Answer sessions) or AMAs (Ask Me Anything sessions), are becoming increasingly popular as a method of marketing. With no script requirement and very few production needs, these live videos rely on questions from the audience and an expert’s answers to generate their content.

If you’re thinking of producing a live video for your business, plan some questions and answers to kick off the conversation and fill in any lulls, pay attention to when most of your audience is online, and get to it! Many businesses also accept questions in advance, in case someone interested wants a question answered but won’t be watching until the replay. Accepting questions in advance may also help your expert prepare for the kind of questions they’ll need to answer when they go live!

Trend #2: Life in 360 Degrees

New technology is always exciting, and the advent of 360-degree videos is no exception. As this technology, along with VR technology, becomes more widespread, expect to see businesses showing off their new locations, new office spaces, and events in 360 degrees.

Trend #3: Teaching Through Video

Online courses are extremely trendy these days, and everyone’s teaching through videos. With the spread of technology, any expert can become a teacher or coach by setting up an online course complete with video content. If you’re looking to increase your income with an online course, make sure your videos are well-planned and concise – many online students participate in breaks from their jobs or other obligations.

Keeping your videos short and sweet will allow participants to advance through the course in small chunks of time rather than requiring them to sit down for an extended period of study.

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