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“Just Google it”

has become a common phrase since Google launched in 1998, changing how businesses connect with consumers and market their services. Google has become vital to the small business economy and can really help launch your business and help it stand out! The Google and internet search world can feel out of your control and daunting, but guess what? It’s not! You can control how and when your business shows up and it is so much easier than you think with Google My Business (GMB). 

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Consumers use Google for searches 3.5 Billion times a day*, yes billion. Granted, not all of those searches are for businesses like yours, you should be getting the picture of why using Google My Business (GMB) is essential. Google My Business (GMB) is a mandatory profile for all small businesses, GMB works by making your business appears in local searches and searches specific to your service or products, pretty cool right? I know you must be guessing the cost and how on earth you can pay for one more service or have time to set it up. GMB is free, that’s right FREE, all you have to do is create a profile for your business here the setup is simple and easy to manage, there’s even an app you can use to make it even easier, find it here for The App Store and here for Google Play!

Once you create your GMB Profile, you can update it regularly, allowing your customers to know any changes, specials, or updates with your business. One of the best things about GMB is that you can also create a website with it, post updates and content, take bookings, and find insights on how your site and GMB listing are doing. Insights will show you how customers found you, what they are using on your listing, and where they are coming from, all of these things are incredibly important to small businesses and GMB helps you get all of this in an easy to manage and free platform.

What could be better than a tool for your small business that helps consumers find you by location, services, products, and lets you do it all efficiently for free? Google My Business is a fantastic tool that you need, and you need it today! If you do not have the time to set up, learn, and update your GMB profile we can help! Our team is experienced with GMB profiles and knows how to get the most out of them and easily track your progress and consumer interaction. No need to sweat over your GMB listing, let us handle it for you and let us get the most from Google for your small business!


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