Trick or Treat? How to Keep Tricky Comments off of Your Social Media Feed

Social Media Shouldn’t be Scary

Social media: it helps us stay connected, allows us to find new customers, and makes sales and outreach easier than ever before. It also, however, opens us up to a whole new world of online harassment and negative comments. While you can’t avoid negative comments altogether, here are a few common-sense tips for dealing with them when they crop up:

Stay in the know
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1. Stay in the know

You can’t respond to negative comments if you don’t know they’re happening. With this in mind, make sure you have a team member designated to your social profiles. This person should monitor activity, respond accordingly, and notify the rest of the team if there’s anything negative or defamatory going on.

2. Respond quickly

If you do get a negative comment, prevent it from getting worse by acknowledging it quickly. Here are a few must-do steps:

● Be deferential to the poster
● Make it clear you intend to resolve the issue
● Offer contact information to take the conversation offline, or at least off the social platform

By following these simple tips, you take the comment out of the spotlight and, generally, prevent it from getting worse.

3. Keep it professional

It’s easy to get fired up when someone posts something negative about your company. No matter what you do, though, keep it professional and classy. You’ll never regret being the bigger person, even if the comment was unusually nasty.

4. Consider turning off comments

Respond quickly
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If you’d like to prevent comments altogether on a certain post, consider turning the comments feature off. While this may rob you of some audience engagement, it will also prevent mean-spirited commenters from having their way with your material.

Take your social media to the next level this year!

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